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How to Make Money at Home With Swagbucks

I make money on some of the products I mention on through affiliate relationships. I never endorse a product or service unless I fully believe it will be of value to my readers.

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Make Extra Cash at Home With Swagbucks

Maybe you’ve heard of Swagbucks before, and are using it, but in case you haven’t, then I’m going to explain how you can make free money doing things that you probably already do. You can earn gift cards or PayPal cash, whichever you choose. Personally, I like PayPal cash.

I’ve been using Swagbucks for about 3 years and depending on how much time I devote to it, I can usually make anywhere from $50 to $75 per month. I let the money build up in my PayPal account, and in December I use the money for all my Christmas shopping.

One thing to keep in mind is this is only to make a little extra cash. You definitely won’t make tons of money and it also depends on how much time you spend on it.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a rewards and loyalty website. It’s also known as a get-paid-to site. There are many get-paid-to sites out there, but Swagbucks is probably the oldest and most well-known. It’s been around since 2008.

You earn points, called SB, for searching the web through their search engine, shopping through their links, taking surveys, playing games, printing coupons, and watching videos. Each point is worth $0.1, so 100 SB is worth $1.00. After you have enough points accumulated, you can cash them out for either gift cards, or PayPal cash. It usually takes more points for PayPal.

Not only can you use Swagbucks on your computer or laptop, but they also have a variety of apps you can download and earn from. Just make sure you don’t use one of their apps at the same time you’re using their website because that could result in a ban.

It’s completely free to join, and you’ll receive $5 just for signing up.

Where is Swagbucks Available?

According to their website, they are available in most countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and some countries in Africa, although they don’t say which countries. You’ll need to sign up with your email and state your location to see if your location is eligible. 

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Ways to Earn Using Swagbucks


You earn SB, or points when you shop. Swagbucks works with major brands such as Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, JC Penney, and many more.

When you shop through Swagbucks, you’ll earn cashback. For instance, right now Amazon is offering 5% cashback on purchases. When you shop Amazon through Swagbucks, you’ll receive 5 SB (points) for every $1 you spend.

Watch Videos:

Swagbucks gives you points for watching videos, and there are hundreds to choose from. While you won’t earn a lot, you can earn up to 150 SB per day watching videos.

There are two categories of videos. The first one is Swag TV and contains various topics such as News, Food, Health, and Entertainment to name a few. The second is nCrave. The nCrave videos are shorter and tend to reward more points.


Swagbucks offers several surveys each day. Some days there can be 20 or more surveys. The amount of each survey varies depending on the length, but usually, the pay ranges from 2 SB to 500 SB. Each survey is looking for certain demographics, so you’ll need to answer a set of pre-qualification questions for each survey to make sure you’re qualified.

Some surveys have 2 parts. I did a survey where I answered questions regarding dish liquid. They sent me a free bottle of their brand to try, and then I had to do a follow-up survey on my experience. So not only did I earn SB, but I also got a free bottle of dish liquid.


With Discover, you can sign up for trials of certain services or products and earn SB, but you need to make sure you cancel before they charge you. They also have other great deals too. For instance, right now they have a deal that if you download the Postmates app and make a purchase within 7 days, you’ll receive 2,000 SB. That’s $20.

There are also small surveys, unlike the surveys above, where you can earn 35 or 40 SB by just answering a few questions.

Tip: Create a new email account just for this, because some of the sites require an email address and you’ll start receiving a lot of unwanted emails.

Download Apps:

You can earn anywhere from 15 SB and up just for downloading an app on your smartphone. Some of these apps are games and after you download the app, you’ll need to play and make it to a certain level before you’re awarded your SB. Others are apps in which you’ll have to download and make an initial purchase of a product before you’re awarded your points.

Search the Web:

You can use Swagbucks for everyday web searches and earn points. The more web searches you do, the more points you can earn. You don’t earn points every single time you search, but instead, they are random. For instance, you may do 3 searches and earn some points, and the next time you may do 8 searches and earn some points.


Swagbucks awards 1 SB for each coupon you print from their website, up to 50 SB per day, plus another 25 SB for each coupon redeemed. You can print coupons every day and you’ll be awarded points.

Tip: If you don’t have a printer, download free print to PDF software so you can still get your points.

There are a few more ways to earn points with Swagbucks that aren’t mentioned above, however, I’ve highlighted the most popular ways.

How to Redeem Points

Gift cards start as low as $3 and go as high as $250, and they also offer a Visa Reward card. However, in order to cash out to PayPal, you’ll need to have a minimum of 2500 SB, which is $25.

When you order a gift card or PayPal redemption, you’ll need to validate your redemption before it’s sent to you, so make sure to do that, or your redemption will automatically be canceled.

Tip: I recommend redeeming often, and not letting your points add up. Since I always redeem my points for PayPal, as soon as I have 2500 SB, I redeem.

Join Swagbucks for Free

So, if you’re ready to start earning some free money, join Swagbucks today.

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