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Best Remote Travel and Hospitality Jobs

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With the rise in remote work opportunities across many lines of business, including travel and hospitality, more people can now take advantage of working from home. If you’re captivated by the travel and hospitality industry and want to work from home, this post is for you.

The travel and hospitality industry is a dynamic, fast-paced sector of the global economy that employs millions worldwide. It includes casinos, airlines, hotels, cruise liners, tour operators, rental car companies, attractions, restaurants, and other hospitality companies.

The industry has grown rapidly in the past decade with an increase in international travel. This has created more travel and hospitality jobs, and many of these companies hire remote workers. It has also become more competitive as technology continues to drive down costs and make travel easier.

Education and Skills Needed to Excel in a Remote Travel and Hospitality Role

Depending on the position, employers may require applicants with a bachelor’s degree in relevant fields such as tourism management or hospitality services. However, entry-level jobs are also available, which only require a high school diploma.

Additionally, having a background in customer service, being PC literate, and having a general awareness of global cultures can be hugely beneficial when applying for a job in the travel and hospitality industry. 

Some employers may also require previous experience using travel reservation software such as Sabre.

Types of Remote Travel and Hospitality Jobs

Working remotely in travel and hospitality can offer a range of exciting opportunities. 

From booking hotel stays to making online reservations for luxury hotels, remote employees can help ensure travelers have an amazing experience. Answering customer service calls and helping with any issues can also be important aspects of the job. 

Some employees help executives and companies with organizing and arranging large corporate trips and coordinating travel budgets efficiently. 


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Companies That Hire People for Remote Travel and Hospitality Roles

The companies listed here provide a mix of employee and independent contractor positions.

Resort and Hotel Jobs

These companies hire people to work remotely, booking resort and hotel stays for travelers and vacationers.


Hilton Worldwide is an international hospitality and hotel brand. They operate a variety of hotel locations in different countries across the globe, where people can rest and relax. 

To help manage hotel reservations for guests, Hilton Worldwide hires remote Reservation Sales and Customer Service Representatives. These dedicated workers provide customers with solutions to their hotel-related questions, as well as assist with booking hotel rooms and finding the best deals. 


HotelPlanner is a company that takes the hassle out of hotel reservations for hotel guests. They provide an online reservation system that allows people to easily book hotel rooms and make price comparisons, helping them to find the perfect hotel for their needs. 

As a Reservation Agent at HotelPlanner, you’d be responsible for serving hotel guests by taking inbound calls from potential guests. You’ll receive a commission for each call you take, resulting in a booked reservation.

The Reservation Agent is an independent contractor position, and this is a great place for anyone looking to work their own schedule.


Hyatt is a hospitality company focused on making each guest experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Hyatt hires remote Guest Service Associates to engage with guests and book stays in their hotels and resorts.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Marriott Vacations Worldwide is an industry leader that hires experienced Reservation Agents to work from the comfort of home. It is a perfect way for people to combine the benefits of leisure with work, as these agents are responsible for helping individuals book popular destinations such as Disney World and the Caribbean.

Omni Hotels & Resorts

Omni Hotels & Resorts is a popular luxury hotel chain with properties in popular destinations across North America. 

They occasionally hire remote Reservation Sales Associates to assist with inquiries and reservations both online and over the phone. These individuals go above and beyond to deliver unrivaled service, helping create unforgettable moments and vacations for their guests.

Wyndham Worldwide  

Wyndham Worldwide is a hospitality company based in Parsippany, New Jersey. As one of the world’s largest hotel groups, Wyndham offers its clients a wealth of accommodations options to fit any budget or need. 

To ensure that their customers get the highest quality service possible, Wyndham recruits remote Inbound Reservation Agents. The agents are responsible for addressing customer inquiries quickly and accurately while maintaining a friendly, helpful demeanor. 

Cruise Line Jobs

These companies hire team members to work from home, booking reservations on their cruise ships.

Carnival Cruise Line  

Carnival Cruise Line is a popular cruise line that provides entertaining vacations on their luxurious ships. 

They regularly hire remote Cruise Sales Agents to help spread the joy of taking a Carnival cruise. As a sales agent, you will be in charge of helping potential customers find out more about the cruise line and its experiences, as well as answering any questions or concerns about booking or other services offered. is an online platform that offers customers great deals on both land and sea travel packages. 

They hire remote Cruise Sales Agents who help customers by providing personalized customer service, suggesting the best cruise options, and offering additional vacation add-ons like car rental and flight packages. 

Agents are also responsible for ensuring that customer inquiries are properly answered in a timely and professional manner. 

Holland America Line  

Holland America Line is an award-winning cruise line that operates a fleet of 11 ships to over 300 ports around the world. For those who want to help others experience the luxury and service of Holland America Line without having to leave their home, they offer remote Cruise Consultants the opportunity to do just that. 

As a Cruise Consultant for Holland America Line, you will utilize your skills to educate clients about their cruises. You’ll be working with potential travelers from around the globe by providing expert advice and recommendations on destinations, upcoming events, and more. 

Norwegian Cruise Line  

Norwegian Cruise Line is an established travel industry leader, providing affordable travel to some of the most exotic locales. 

The company regularly hires remote Guest Service Representatives. This role focuses on providing customer service from the comfort of home with flexible hours and a competitive salary and benefits package. This serves as both a convenience to the customer and the representative, creating a smooth travel experience and making vacation dreams come true.

Princess Cruises  

Princess Cruises is a renowned global cruise line offering vacationers the chance to explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. From extraordinary Caribbean adventures to idyllic Mediterranean getaways, Princess Cruises offers an unforgettable journey for every traveler. 

As such, they are always on the lookout for talented administrative support staff, and they hire Reservation Support Agents who can work remotely from home. These agents are responsible for answering customer inquiries, processing reservations, and providing guests with exceptional customer service. 

Viking Cruises

If you love the travel industry and are looking for a job that lets you work remotely, Viking Cruises might be the perfect fit for you. 

Viking Cruises is a cruise line that offers luxury cruises all over the world. They hire remote Sales Representatives to book cruises for customers. As a Sales Representative, you would be responsible for finding the best deals for customers and helping them plan their dream vacation. If you have excellent customer service skills and enjoy working with people from all over the world, Viking Cruises is the place for you.

Travel Agent and Counselor Jobs

These companies hire remote travel agents or counselors to book travel for vacationers and business travelers. Some require previous experience in the hospitality field or a college education.

ADTRAV Travel Management  

ADTRAV Travel Management is a top provider of corporate travel services, offering innovative solutions and personalized service to customers worldwide. 

They regularly hire remote Travel Consultants to assist with managing customer trips. As a Travel Consultant, you will work with clients online to research destinations, book flights, and provide helpful advice on accommodations and activities. 

You’ll also need to stay current on the latest industry trends so that customers have access to up-to-date information when planning their trips. 


Agent24 is a company that takes the hassle out of booking worldwide travel. Their innovative platform allows customers to book hotels, flights, and activities free of charge, as well as enjoy exclusive deals on their bookings. 

This savvy team also hires remote Travel Agents who are experts in their locations to help people plan unforgettable trips and access local recommendations. These remote agents provide helpful advice on the best places to go, from lodging to restaurants. 

American Express  

American Express is a well-known travel, financial services, and entertainment conglomerate. They’re best known for providing travel-related services and products like credit cards, travel insurance, traveler’s checks, and travel advisories. 

In an effort to make these services more accessible to customers around the world, they hire remote Virtual Travel Counselors who can provide travel advice over the phone or through email conversations. 

BCD Travel  

BCD Travel is a hospitality company specializing in global corporate travel management. They have locations across the world, but they also employ remote Corporate Travel Consultants to provide personalized services from home. These hospitality professionals help their clients coordinate every detail related to their business trips, including airline tickets, hotel bookings, and ground transportation. 


CWT is an experienced travel partner, offering solutions to simplify corporate travel planning and make travel experiences more rewarding. 

To provide innovative travel options, they hire Remote Travel Experience Counselors who use their knowledge and skills to create individualized travel programs for global customers. These professionals are responsible for researching global travel options, providing cost-saving insights, managing customer needs, anticipating travel barriers, and helping to deliver memorable travel experiences. 


FROSCH is a travel company that’s revolutionizing how people travel. They specialize in arranging high-end travel experiences around the world, offering specialized services and customized travel plans to make their customer’s journeys stress-free and memorable. 

They hire remote Travel Advisors to help build itineraries and book travel arrangements like flights, accommodation, activities, and more to keep up with growing demand. Working with a travel advisor allows customers access to knowledge and resources they might not have been able to make use of otherwise. 


Pana is a revolutionary travel agency that allows corporate clients to conveniently book vacations, business trips, and other corporate events. 

Pana hires remote Travel Agents who are experts in helping corporate customers find the perfect destination for their corporate needs. 

These agents have access to a range of services to accommodate any corporate request or location preference. From flight booking assistance to corporate event theme research, Pana’s remote Travel Agents are knowledgeable professionals dedicated to making every business trip go smoothly. 

World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings is an online travel agency that specializes in offering exclusive deals and discounts on resort rentals, cruises, cruise packages, and more. The company hires remote Travel Sales Agents and Customer Service Representatives to work directly with customers to provide excellent service both in sales setup and customer support needs. 

World Travel Holdings provides a unique opportunity for people interested in the travel industry to gain valuable experience from the comfort of their own homes.

Miscellaneous Travel and Hospitality Jobs

These companies hire people for various remote jobs in the travel and hospitality field.


Aspira is a campground reservation software company that helps campgrounds manage reservations, check-ins, and payments. They hire remote Call Center Agents to provide customer support and technical advice to their clients over the phone or through their app. These agents answer questions, book campground reservations, and solve customers’ problems regarding the reservation system in a timely fashion. 

Kasa Living

Kasa Living is a revolutionary hospitality company that makes it easy to have unique travel experiences. 

As one of their remote Guest Experience Reservations Specialists, you’ll be the primary host for both guests and homeowners who book through the Kasa Living platform. You’ll be connecting people with extraordinary places to stay, from beach homes to tree houses – whatever experience the guest is looking for. 


Revinate is a company that provides cloud-based software to help hotels analyze customer feedback and generate business. 

The company hires remote Reservation Sales Professionals to assist guests with planning and booking reservations at customer properties.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is an outsourced call center company that brings quality customer service to businesses. 

The company occasionally offers open positions for work-from-home opportunities in travel-related customer service roles.

Home-Based Travel and Hospitality Business Opportunities

These companies offer home-based franchise opportunities if you’ve ever wanted to own your own business. These are not multi-level marketing jobs; these are real travel-related business opportunities.

Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners, a travel agency and franchise network owned by American Express, is the perfect option for people looking to start a travel business.

All franchisees receive excellent training and support from Cruise Planners to make sure they are making informed decisions and offering quality service. Networking with other agents and access to multiple vendors makes it possible for franchisees to maximize profits while realizing their goals. 

CruiseOne, Inc.

CruiseOne, Inc. is a vacation powerhouse that’s part of the World Travel Holdings network. Established in 1992, CruiseOne has grown to become one of the most respected names in the industry, offering people access to fantastic vacations around the world at great prices. They provide vacationers with a massive selection of cruises and tours, ranging from mega-ships with over 6,000 passengers to small custom tour packages for those seeking more intimate voyages. 

What’s more, CruiseOne gives entrepreneurs an exciting franchise opportunity. With flexible hours, good earnings potential, and comprehensive training, it’s ideal for anyone wanting to run their own business in the travel industry. 

Final Thoughts

Working remotely in the travel and hospitality industry is a great way to make money from home. With so many companies offering remote work opportunities, finding the perfect job for you has never been easier. 

Whether it’s providing customer service or booking reservations, there are plenty of positions available that will help you take your career to new heights without ever leaving your home. 

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