18 Companies that Hire Virtual Assistants to Work from Home

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Companies That Hire Remote Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants have really gained popularity over the past several years.

Suppose you have a wide range of administrative experience along with great typing skills. In that case, working from home as a virtual assistant can be a very rewarding and flexible career path.

Most virtual assistants are freelancers or independent contractors and aren’t employed directly by the company, so you’ll be responsible for your own taxes. There are a few companies mentioned below, however, that do hire virtual assistants as regular employees.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or VA is somewhat like an administrative assistant or executive assistant. 

They perform various tasks for business owners or executives. However, instead of performing the tasks in an office or at the clients’ location, tasks are performed remotely, usually from home.

Simply put, a VA is anyone offering paid services to entrepreneurs or business owners.

Duties of a Virtual Assistant

Some of the tasks performed by virtual assistants include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Answering telephone calls
  • Booking appointments
  • Calendar management
  • Creating reports
  • Customer service
  • File management
  • Filtering and answering emails
  • Internet research
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Personal errands
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Social media management
  • Telemarketing
  • Transcription

Skills Needed

  • Typing – Good typing skills are an essential part of the job. You should be able to type at least 50 to 60 words per minute accurately.
  • Computer skills – You should know how to operate a computer and various programs. You should also have basic troubleshooting skills.
  • Communication skills – Since part of the job could involve talking to customers, answering the telephone, or scheduling appointments, having excellent communication skills a must, not just verbally but also in writing.
  • Writing skills – You’ll need to have excellent writing skills, including good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, to type business documents, answer emails, and moderate social media accounts.
  • Software skills – You need to have knowledge of various email platforms such as Gmail and Outlook. You’ll also need to know how to use MS Office and Google Office Suite.
  • Organizational skills – Having excellent organizational skills is a must for a virtual assistant as you may be working on several tasks at once.
  • Time management skills – You should know how to schedule your time in order to get tasks completed and the ability to work unsupervised.

Equipment Needed

The equipment you’ll need to work as a virtual assistant is similar to any other remote job, with a few exceptions.

  • Quiet, distraction-free work area
  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Highspeed internet service
  • Telephone
  • Printer/Scanner
  • MS Office or Google Office Suite

How Much do Virtual Assistants Make?

Most of the companies listed below pay between $10 and $20 per hour, depending upon your range of skills, experience, and abilities.

Desk with laptop and flowers

Experience is required, and you must pass several skills tests.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred, along with five years’ experience.

Must have at least three years of experience in a professional executive assistant or virtual assistant position.

Strong administrative skills required.

Some experience may be required.

Requires a bachelor’s degree, knowledge of email platforms, and Microsoft Office.

Some experience may be required.

Experience required. Pay starts at $20 per hour.

Starts at five hours per week and can increase up to 20 hours per week if your work is good.

A bachelor’s degree is required.

Must be comfortable with technology and be highly proficient with the internet and must also have experience with Google Docs, Calendar, and similar tools.

Must be highly tech-savvy and have experience working virtually.

Must have excellent administrative skills.

Must type at least 50 WPM.

Pay starts at $9 per hour for actual work completed.

Some experience is required.

Must have at least three years’ experience.

Must have a strong professional background in administration, customer service, marketing, or project management.

Requires strong problem-solving skills, communication skills, and experience with Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Experience is required. Pay is $10 – $12 per hour depending on experience level.


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