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15 Clever Ways to Make Money if You Live Near a National Park

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Are you living near a breathtaking national park? Aside from enjoying the scenic spots and recreational activities nearby, you can also take advantage of the opportunities to earn extra income.

Living near a national park isn’t just about scenic hikes and breathtaking views; it can also be a goldmine for entrepreneurial spirits.

You read that right! There are many clever ways to make some extra cash; all it takes is your resourcefulness.

Whether you’re a local looking to supplement your income or you’re a nature enthusiast eager to turn your passion into profit, there’s boundless potential waiting just beyond the park gates.

If you’re curious, keep reading and discover 15 great ways to earn money if you live near a national park.

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Home office with desk and computer

How to Make Money Living Near a National Park

1) Rent Out Space to Tourists

If you have a spare room in your home, consider renting it out to tourists who are on vacation visiting the national park. 

Renting a private room can be a more affordable option for travelers compared to hotels or vacation rentals, and you can provide additional perks such as homemade breakfast or insider tips on local attractions. 

Listing your space on online platforms like Airbnb allows for easy booking. 

2) Sell Artwork or Souvenirs

If you have a knack for creating arts or crafts, why not try selling them to tourists visiting the national park?

You can create postcards, paintings, handmade jewelry, and other unique items that showcase the beauty of the place.

Tourists are often eager to purchase souvenirs as a reminder of their trip, making this a profitable venture for talented artists and crafters.

3) Offer Guided Hiking Tours

Do you consider yourself an expert in hiking trails and know the national park like the back of your hand? If so, why not offer guided hiking tours to visitors for a fee?

Many tourists visit national parks for their hiking opportunities but may feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the area. With your knowledge and expertise, you can provide a unique experience while also earning some extra income.

4) Campsite Rental

Camping is a really popular activity for visitors to national parks, and many are often on the lookout for campsites with stunning views.

If you have an extra plot of land near the park, consider turning it into a campsite and offering it for rent. You can even provide amenities such as toilets, fire pits, and picnic tables to attract more campers.

5) Wildlife Photography

National parks are known for their diverse and stunning wildlife. If you have a passion for photography, why not capitalize on the opportunity to capture these beautiful animals?

You can easily sell your photographs as prints to tourists.

6) Start a Guided Fishing Business

Starting a guided fishing business is a great opportunity to earn money if you live near a national park with a lake or river.

Many tourists are willing to pay for the chance to catch fish in pristine waters and learn from experienced guides.

You can offer half-day or full-day tours and provide all necessary equipment, such as rods, bait, and even lunch. This type of business can also attract locals looking for a unique fishing experience.

7) Wildlife Watching Tours

National parks are known for their rich and diverse wildlife, which makes them a popular destination for nature enthusiasts.

If you have extensive knowledge of the local wildlife and are skilled at spotting animals in their natural habitat, consider starting a wildlife-watching tour business.

You can offer guided tours through the park while pointing out different species and sharing interesting facts about them. Wildlife tours are perfect for small groups or families and can be a profitable venture during peak seasons.

8) Adventure Equipment Rental

Another way to make money near a national park is by renting out adventure equipment.

Many visitors may not have the necessary gear for activities like hiking, camping, or kayaking. By offering rental services, you can provide convenience to tourists and earn money at the same time.

Ensure you maintain your equipment well and offer competitive rates to attract customers.

9) Food Trucks or Concession Stands

During peak tourist seasons, national parks tend to get crowded. As visitors often get hungry after a day of exploring, this presents an excellent opportunity to set up a food truck or concession stand that offers quick and tasty meals.

To make your food offering more appealing, consider using locally sourced ingredients or incorporating unique dishes inspired by the local culture.

10) Camping Gear Sales

Camping is a popular activity among national park visitors, and many of them are looking to purchase or rent camping gear.

Selling camping gear to tourists is lucrative because of the high demand from visitors who often forget or need to replace equipment, providing a steady stream of customers.

The proximity to the park also ensures a consistent flow of foot traffic, making it a prime location for sales.

11) Be a Kayak or Paddle Board Guide

Water activities are popular in national parks with lakes, rivers, or coastlines.

Becoming a kayak or paddleboard guide offers a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income due to the high influx of tourists seeking outdoor adventures.

The park’s proximity ensures a steady stream of clients, and the unique experiences you provide create demand, making it a lucrative venture. It can be an enjoyable and physically active way to earn money while helping visitors explore the park’s waterways safely.

12) Outdoor Fitness Classes

Many enjoy exercising in nature and are willing to pay for guided classes incorporating the surroundings.

Offering outdoor fitness classes is a lucrative opportunity because it capitalizes on the park’s natural beauty and attracts health-conscious tourists and locals alike.

The scenic surroundings enhance the exercise experience, drawing clients seeking a unique and refreshing workout setting.

13) Nature-Themed Bed and Breakfast

If you have a few spare rooms or a guest house, consider transforming it into a nature-themed bed and breakfast.

You can decorate the spaces with elements inspired by the national park, offer homemade breakfast using local ingredients, and provide recommendations for activities in the area. It’s a great way to attract tourists looking for a unique and immersive experience while also supporting sustainable tourism.

14) Outdoor Wedding Planning

National parks offer stunning backdrops for outdoor weddings, making them a very popular choice for couples looking to tie the knot.

If you have experience in event planning or are creative and detail-oriented, you can offer outdoor wedding planning services. You can partner with local vendors such as photographers, caterers, and florists to create all-inclusive packages that make it easier for clients to plan their special day.

15) Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Services

Offering dog walking or pet sitting services near a national park is an excellent way to earn money due to the high volume of tourists visiting with their pets.

Many visitors seek opportunities to explore the park without their pets, creating a demand for reliable pet care services.

Additionally, the scenic surroundings make it an appealing location for pet owners to entrust their furry friends, ensuring a steady flow of clientele.

Developing a solid reputation and building relationships with pet owners can result in a steady flow of clients.

Final Thoughts

Living near a national park can provide breathtaking scenery, recreational opportunities, and various ways to earn money.

Whether you prefer outdoor activities or have artistic talents, there are plenty of options to tap into this potential source of income.

With some creativity and determination, you can turn your proximity to a national park into a profitable venture.

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