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100 Non-Phone Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Non-Phone Work at Home Jobs

I’m one of those people that don’t like being tethered to a phone all day. I don’t mind having to answer a customer call here or there, but having to sit at a desk, wearing a headset, and answering back-to-back calls, no thank you.

I totally understand that not everyone can or even wants to be tied to a phone job all day.

Most companies that offer telephone customer service, technical support, and telemarketing jobs have strict guidelines about background noise, and one slipup can be a means for termination.

Not to mention dealing with disgruntled customers over the phone call be stressful and exhausting.

Things to Keep in Mind

A few essential things you need to keep in mind. Even though these jobs are non-phone, you will still need a quiet, private workspace. Any type of chat job will require taking two to three chats simultaneously; therefore, you will need a quiet work area free from interruptions.

Also, jobs like Virtual Assistants may occasionally require the occasional telephone call to schedule a reservation, book an airline flight, or speak to the client. 

So be sure to have your home office set up.

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Home office desk, chair, and computer

Where to Find Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs


Academic Test Scoring:

These jobs involve scoring students’ tests and essays. Most of these will require a bachelor’s degree or higher to be considered.


Evaluators. Evaluate written and spoken test responses. Must be a native English speaker and have a bachelor’s degree.

Part-time scoring professionals that evaluate essays, responses, and portfolios.

Reader/evaluator. Scoring tests. Must have a bachelor’s degree and submit a writing sample.

Scorer. Must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Scorer. Must have a college degree.


Chat and Email:

These are non-telephone customer service and technical support positions.

Most chat and email support jobs will only require a high school diploma, however, if the job is more technical, then the company may require a bachelor’s degree.

For most of these positions, you’ll need to able to type at least 35 words per minute, with no errors but some companies may require a much higher typing speed. 


Customer support agent chat and email.

Regularly hires chat customer service representatives.

Take customer chats and help them with their technical support questions. No experience is necessary. They pay $4 for each resolved and closed chat.

Regularly hires chat customer service representatives.

Email and chat customer service. Must have experience in email/chat customer support and experience with Microsoft Excel.

Email customer support.

Regularly hires chat technical support agents.

Regularly hires chat customer support representatives.

Chat customer support.

Live chat agent. Must be able to type at least 80 words per minute.


Courthouse Researcher:

For these jobs, you’ll need to go to your local courthouse to research information. It could involve researching anything from criminal records to deeds.

All of these positions are part-time, independent contractor jobs, and you are able to choose your own hours as long as you get your work finished in the allotted time frame.


Researcher. To apply, go to “Become A Researcher”.

Researcher. Go to “Become A Researcher” to apply.

Court researcher.

Courthouse researcher. The average pay is $10 to $12 per hour. You must take a skills test.

Court researcher.


Data Entry:

Data entry jobs require you to enter alphabetical and numerical information into a database or spreadsheet. You’ll need to have above-average keyboarding skills.


Frequently hires offsite data verification clerks and offsite invoice payment specialists, however, training is onsite.

Data entry operator. Must type at least 60 words per minute.

Occasionally hires remote data entry operators.

Data entry operator. Pay is $10.50 per hour.

Data entry operator.


ESL Teachers/Tutors:

These positions involve teaching or tutoring English to children whose native language isn’t English via webcam. Usually to children overseas or in countries other than the United States.


No experience required, but you must be fluent in English.

Part-time. Must have a bachelor’s degree and be a native English speaker.

Must have at least 48 college credit hours or have an ESL certificate.

Some college is required and must be a native English speaker.

Must have a bachelor’s degree in education, and a language teaching certificate or a teaching license.

Must have a foreign language teaching qualification and at least two years’ language teaching experience. Must be proficient in the language being taught.

Must be a native English speaker and have two years of teaching experience.

No experience is necessary but you must be at least 16 years of age and a native English speaker.

Must have a bachelor’s degree and any type of teaching experience.

Must have a degree or certificate in teaching languages, have two years of experience, and be a native English speaker.



These include a variety of miscellaneous non-phone work from home jobs.


Remote photographers.

Remote photographers.

Online men’s stylist. CT, NJ, and NY only.

Quality monitor. Monitors call center calls for quality assurance. You don’t take calls, and you just listen to them.

Remote photo editors.

Remote photographers.

Occasionally hires remote jewelry stylists.

Regularly hires remote image reviewers.

Remote stylists. These positions are location-specific.

Remote stylists.


Mystery Shopping:

Normally, I wouldn’t put mystery shopping as a job, because if you’re only signed up with one company, you won’t make much money. However, it is possible to make $600 to $700 per month if you sign up with several companies at the same time. I suggest trying two at first, then adding to that depending on how much time you’re willing to invest.


Not only do they hire mystery shoppers, but they also hire editors.

Hires mystery shoppers in larger cities across the United States.

Conduct mystery shops, price checks, and in-store audits. As of this writing, they only pay via check.

Sign up to be considered for a position.

Must have reliable transportation, good written communication skills, and have internet access.

Sign up to be considered for a position.

Video shoppers and written shoppers. You’ll need to have approved concealed video equipment.

Sign up to be considered for a position.

Must have an eye for detail and be able to follow simple directions.

Hires mystery shoppers and editors to work from home.

Must complete an application to be considered.

Pay is once per month via direct deposit.

Mystery shopping is done either in person, by phone, email, or webchat.

Payment does not come from KSS but comes from their client so payment methods will vary.

Sign up to be considered.



If you’re good at spotting spelling and grammatical errors and you’re familiar with different writing styles, then this job could be for you. You’ll also need excellent attention to detail, internet research skills, and you must be able to meet deadlines for clients.


Must have a bachelor’s degree and experience.

Must have a bachelor’s degree and editing experience.

Must pass a skills test to be considered.

Must have a bachelor’s degree and be a native English speaker.

Requires at least three years’ experience.


Search Engine Evaluator:

Search engine evaluators help to improve search functionality. These part-time positions usually pay between $12 and $15 per hour. You must have excellent spelling and grammar.


Search engine evaluator and social media evaluator.

Search engine evaluator.

Internet analyst (search engine evaluator).

Rater (search engine evaluator).

Occasionally hires search engine evaluators.


Social Media:

These jobs involve creating and posting content and moderating and managing social media posts.


Social media content specialist.

Social media manager. Create and post content. Moderate online discussions.

Remote content specialist and bilingual content specialist.

Customer care agent. Monitors and responds to social media posts.

Mod. Moderate social media forums and manage communities.



These positions involve converting recordings of interviews, meetings, etc. into written text via typing. You’ll need to have above-average typing skills.


No experience necessary for general transcription.

No experience is required. Must have a computer, headphones, stable internet connection, and a quiet workspace.

No experience required.

No experience necessary.

No experience required, however, you must be proficient in written and spoken English.



In this position, you’ll be translating a foreign language or sign language into written content.


Regularly hires contract translators.

Freelance translators.

Translator. Must pass a skills test to be considered.

Translator. Must have at least two years’ experience.

Experienced, freelance translators.


Virtual Assistants:

These positions require above-average typing speeds, excellent communication skills, and advanced computer and software skills.


Pay is $10 – $12 per hour. Hours worked are between 20 and 120 per month.

Must have experience working from home.

Contracted virtual assistants. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

No experience is required. The more you work, the more you’ll make.

You get to choose what projects you want to work on.



You don’t necessarily need to have a degree in journalism to offer freelancing writing services to others. As long as you have outstanding grammar, spelling, punctuation, and excellent internet research skills, you can find freelance writing gigs from home.


Writers for pet-related articles.

Article writers regarding adults returning to college.

Greeting card content writers.

Article writers for any subject.

Cooking, recipe, food blog, and product review writers.

Hires writers for blog posts, product descriptions, website content, and more.

Write cooking tips.

Write step-by-step instructions on how to do anything.

Educational content writers.

Blog article writers.


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