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10 of the Best Places to Find Remote Payment Poster Jobs

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If you’re looking for a work-from-home job, payment posting may be the perfect opportunity for you. Payment posters are responsible for verifying and processing payments. This can be done remotely, making it a great option for those who want to telecommute.

One of the best things about payment poster jobs is that most of them only require you to work during normal business hours. This means you probably won’t have to work nights or weekends.

In this blog post, I will discuss ten of the best places to find remote payment poster jobs.

What Does a Payment Poster Do?

A payment poster, more commonly known as a cash applications representative, plays a vital role in finance departments. 

The essential duties of a payment poster are accurate posting of payments to customer or patient accounts. 

They are responsible for payment research, finding missing information, and reconciling payments from customers and suppliers to ensure that all payments are processed quickly and accurately. This involves making sure the payment amount is correct, entering invoice information into the records, generating reports on money received, and assigning payments to their respective invoices. 

Payment posters also need to stay on top of all incoming payments.

Education and Skills Needed

To become a payment poster, you’ll need to have a high school diploma. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are an absolute must. You should also be comfortable working with numbers and managing multiple tasks at once. And, you’ll need to have excellent typing skills as posting payments is essentially a high volume data entry job.

Payment posters working in healthcare organizations posting patient payments sometimes need knowledge of explanation of benefits and medical terminology. Furthermore, you should also have outstanding customer service skills. 

What is the Pay Rate?

As with any job, the amount of money you’ll make will depend on the company along with your education and skillset. However, according to Salary.com, the pay for a Cash Posting Representative is anywhere from $30,693 to $46,075 per year or roughly $14.75 to $22.15 per hour. 

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Home office with desk, chair, and computer

Where to Find Work at Home Payment Poster Jobs

1) AdaptHealth

AdaptHealth is a nationwide provider of home medical equipment and supplies. With over 160 locations across the United States, they are one of the largest providers in the industry. AdaptHealth prides itself on its commitment to patient care, offering specialized services such as respiratory therapy, sleep therapy, oxygen therapy, and other innovative products to help ensure that people receive the best care possible in their homes. 

AdaptHealth periodically hires remote Cash Application Specialists with a high school diploma and some related work experience.

2) Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare is a leading healthcare technology company that provides data analytics, networks, and software to health systems, hospitals, and other providers. They hold the largest independent national clinical network in the US, allowing healthcare professionals to securely exchange data and provide better care at lower costs. In addition to this, they have created a wide range of products and services for more efficient claims management, revenue cycle, patient engagement, and medical imaging. 

Change Healthcare is frequently looking for Payment Representatives to join its remote team, enabling them to post payments from the comfort of their own homes. Even if you don’t have extensive experience or an advanced degree, these roles are perfect for entry-level applicants with a high school diploma.

3) Ensemble Health Partners

Ensemble Health Partners is a company that provides specialized healthcare services to organizations across the nation. They specialize in healthcare revenue cycle management, providing expertise and technology-enabled solutions, all while giving their clients personalized quality care at every step of the way. From offering clinical coding to improving workflow efficiency with automation, Ensemble Health Partners have become one of the leaders in health finance and analytics. 

As a remote Cash Application Specialist with this company, your responsibilities include posting customer remittance advice to patient accounts, solving any discrepancies after payments are applied, depositing guarantor payments accurately and in a timely manner, making sure all posted cash is balanced and reconciled correctly, as well as requesting refunds when necessary.

4) Experity Health

Experity Health offers a wide range of services, from assessing the effectiveness of programs, providing financial solutions, creating technology solutions for improved clinical outcomes, and even aiding with strategy development. Working with public health departments, clinical providers, managed care organizations, research studies, and social service agencies, Experity Health is able to stay up-to-date on industry trends and how healthcare is being delivered across the world. 

This company periodically hires remote Payment Posting Specialists with at least two years of previous experience. 

5) MediRevv

Healthcare providers turn to MediRevv for their end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions. With a comprehensive suite of services provided by experienced professionals in the field, MediRevv is a one-stop shop for healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. They cover it from medical coding and billing all the way through collections, denials management, and beyond.

MediRevv frequently hires remote Payment Posting Representatives. To be eligible for this role, applicants should be high school graduates with a minimum of one year of experience in a healthcare business office setting.

6) Medix

Medix is a great company, especially if you’re looking to break into the healthcare industry. It’s not your typical job board – Medix specializes in providing career counseling, placement assistance, and training opportunities to those seeking jobs in healthcare administration and IT services. 

This company regularly has new opportunities for qualified medical payment posters.

7) One Call

One Call LLC workers compensation and healthcare solutions is an innovative company that offers employers customized solutions for their healthcare spending. They understand how important it is for employers to keep costs low while still providing the quality benefits their employees need. They also provide personalized services to employers, offering help with everything from billing to clearance letters and claims management. 

One Call occasionally hires Cash Applications Associates to work from home, posting cash.

8) Strivant Health

Strivant Health is a healthcare technology company that specializes in building better patient experiences. Utilizing data-driven insights, they focus on creating innovative solutions that improve outcomes and reduce costs for providers and payers alike. With its unique blend of proprietary tools and cutting-edge technologies, Strivant has become the go-to provider for interactive healthcare solutions and decision support technology. 

Strivant Health periodically hires remote Payment Posters with a high school diploma and at least three years of experience.

9) TridentCare

TridentCare is an amazing company that has been redefining healthcare for years. They provide clients with a range of services, including mobile x-ray, lab, and pharmacy services, that allow them to maintain their health from the comfort of their homes. Their team of healthcare professionals works to keep up with cutting-edge technology and trends in order to advance their offerings and offer better service to those in need of quality healthcare. 

TridentCare regularly hires Cash Applications Representatives with one year of cash posting experience to work from home.

10) Ventra Health

Ventra Health is a comprehensive healthcare revenue cycle management company with a major emphasis on technology. They use cutting-edge software solutions to streamline billing, automate complicated processes, and help accurately track finances between providers, insurers, and patients. With systematic analytics to identify financial opportunities as well as account for reimbursement trends in medical industries, Ventra Health helps its clients make the most of their resources without having to worry about the manual administration that’s typical of healthcare operations. 

This company periodically hires remote Payment Posting Specialists with at least two years of healthcare payment posting experience for the timely processing of payments.

Final Thoughts

All in all, remote payment poster jobs can be a great way to work from home. With the right resources, skills, and attitude, almost anyone can have success with these job opportunities. The ten places on this list will give you a great first step in the hunting process. 

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