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10 Best Places to Find Telephone Mystery Shopping Gigs

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Are you looking for a flexible work-from-home gig that will allow you to earn a little spare cash in your free time? If so, telephone mystery shopping could be the answer.

Being a telephone mystery shopper, or secret shopper as some call it, is a nice way to earn a little extra money from home and can also be a lot of fun.

These are part-time, independent contractor positions, and you get to choose which mystery shopping assignments you want to take.

What is Telephone Mystery Shopping?

Telephone mystery shopping is a form of market research where people are hired to act as regular customers in order to evaluate the quality of service provided by businesses over the phone.

It can include making calls to customer service centers and sales departments or even taking surveys over the phone. It’s a great way for businesses to get insight into how they interact with their customers.

What Does a Telephone Mystery Shopper Do?

As a telephone mystery shopper, you are given specific scenarios and guidelines to follow when making your calls. These can range from making a complaint about a product to asking for information about a service.

After the call, you will need to report back on the level of customer service received and any other important details, such as call duration, hold times, and overall satisfaction.

In some cases, you may also be required to make multiple calls to the same business in order to evaluate consistency and quality of service.

Experience Needed to Become a Telephone Mystery Shopper 

The great thing about telephone mystery shopping gigs is that they require minimal experience.

As long as you have a phone and internet connection and can communicate effectively over the phone, you can become a mystery shopper.

However, some companies may prefer candidates with previous customer service or sales experience.

What is the Pay?

The pay for telephone mystery shoppers can vary depending on several factors. However, the typical mystery shopping assignment pays between $5 and $25 per call, sometimes more.

You are also typically reimbursed for anything the company requires you to purchase during the mystery shop.

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Laptop and telephone headset for working from home

Where to Find Telephone Mystery Shopping Gigs

1) Confero Inc.

Confero Inc. has been a fixture in the mystery shopping industry for over 35 years and offers a variety of telephone mystery shopping opportunities. 

With a well-designed online sign-up process, you can quickly join their database and begin receiving assignments. They value shopper feedback and provide excellent support, making it a top option for beginners.

2) Perception Strategies

Perception Strategies specializes in healthcare mystery shopping, making it a great option for anyone with medical industry experience. 

As a mystery shopper with this company, you’ll engage in phone interactions with hospitals, doctors’ offices, and medical facilities. 

These mystery shopping gigs allow you to evaluate the quality of service, communication, and patient experience from the perspective of a consumer. 

3) BestMark 

BestMark is a reputable company renowned for its diverse range of mystery shopping opportunities, including telephone mystery shopping gigs. 

The company ensures that telephone mystery shoppers receive comprehensive training and detailed instructions for each assignment, along with compensation for their time and feedback. 

4) Call Center QA

Call Center QA offers telephone mystery shopping services, providing people with opportunities to evaluate customer service over the phone. 

Call Center QA ensures that their shoppers are well-trained and equipped with detailed evaluation criteria for each assignment. 

In addition to compensation for completed evaluations, shoppers also have the opportunity to earn bonuses and incentives based on their performance. 

5) Yardi Matrix 

Yardi Matrix is a leading provider of market intelligence solutions for the multifamily real estate industry. They offer telephone mystery shopping services specifically tailored to this industry, providing valuable insights for their clients. 

Yardi Matrix offers mystery shopping gigs several times per year. Prospective mystery shoppers can check the company’s website or sign up for their notifications to stay updated on available opportunities and application timelines.

6) Sinclair Customer Metrics

Sinclair Customer Metrics is a mystery shopping company that has been in business for over 35 years. 

They offer telephone mystery shopping services as well as on-site and online evaluations. 

With a wide range of clients in industries such as retail, restaurants, and automotive, Sinclair Customer Metrics provides shoppers with diverse opportunities to earn income.

7) Multi-Value  

Multi-Value has over 20 years of experience in the mystery shopping industry, offering both traditional in-person evaluations and telephone shops.

Mystery shoppers with this company call businesses to evaluate aspects like professionalism, knowledge, and the overall quality of service provided by the company’s representatives. 

8) Shoppers’ Critique  

Shoppers’ Critique is a long-standing mystery shopping company that offers telephone evaluations as part of their services. They work with a variety of industries, including retail, restaurants, and automotive companies. 

The company provides detailed training and support for their shoppers to ensure accurate and thorough evaluations.

9) Reality Based Group 

Reality Based Group is another great company that offers telephone mystery shopping services. This company specializes in customer experience evaluations for various industries, including retail, hospitality, and healthcare. 

Reality Based Group also offers opportunities for video and audio evaluations, making it a great option for anyone looking to expand their mystery shopping skills. 

10) SkilCheck Services

SkilCheck Services is a company specializing in providing mystery shopping and market research services to self-storage businesses. 

Telephone mystery shoppers with this company contact storage facilities to evaluate their customer service and performance.  

Final Thoughts

Telephone mystery shopping is an exciting and flexible way to earn money from home in your spare time while providing valuable feedback to businesses.

With the high demand for quality customer service, mystery shopping has become a crucial tool for companies to ensure that their standards are being met.

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